The provided media (Imagery, Text and Video) shall only be downloaded and used free of charge for the coverage of events operated by stagediver event GmbH. The usage of the media must include naming the respective intellectual property rights holder.

If the data is made available in a multimedia-based environment the download of the data in printable or reproducible form is prohibited and must not be made available. The download of data for third parties shall only be permitted for the coverage of events operated by stagediver event GmbH and with reference to existing terms and conditions.

Without the explicit approval of stagediver event GmbH editing, rewriting or altering of imagery or video is prohibited with the exception it does not extend beyond cropping, increasing and fitting into layouts.

Usage of the supplied material contrary to the above outlined terms and conditions will lead to compensation imposed upon the user. The terms and conditions are compliant with German coyright laws and include all imagery, video and printed media and data where applicable.

Please be reminded to submit an unsolicited free of charge sample copy, (printed, CD, DVD, USB-Stick, JPG oder PDF)!
Via mail to: stagediver event GmbH, Grimmaische Str. 82, 04720 Döbeln
Oder per email an: presse@stagediver.events